The Acura TSX is a luxury model automobile developed by Acura and was introduced to the market in 2004 as an entry-level luxury car. It is a 4-door sedan and buyers found that after the Acura Integra was discontinued in 2001, fit the niche of a 4-door sedan that was needed by many buyers. Acura introduced the Acura TSX to meet those needs of the buyers. As the Acura RSX was discontinued by Acura, the Acura TSX was seen by many customers, dealers, and analysts as its replacement. However, the Acura TSX is the smallest among the Acura line of autos sold by them. It is an offshoot or badge of the Honda Accord and features many of its features with a lot of overall enhancements made for the Acura line.

 In 2004, the Acura TSX was introduced and featured a 2.4L four-cylinder 205hp engine with 7000 rpm. The Acura TSX came with a six-speed manual transmission but the five-speed automatic transmission was also available to buyers of the Acura TSX when it debuted.

 In 2005, the Acura TSX came with an XM Satellite radio system for increased multimedia expansion, a four-way passenger seat, and lightened or illuminated steering wheel-mounted cruise and audio controls. This enabled drivers to control the audio in the Acura TSX from their steering wheel, which wasn’t possible in the 2004 model.

Acura TSX picture

2006 brought an increased engine performance to the Acura TSX with 5 additional horsepower, new treatments to the front and rear of the Acura TSX, restyled wheels, and interior improvements. The 2006 Acura TSX included an MP3 player input for music listeners, a Bluetooth option for cellular phones, and drivers seat adjustments.

 The 2007 and 2008 Acura TSX models only saw modest improvements made as Acura saw that much wasn’t needed to be improved upon with the Acura TSX. Only a tire pressure monitoring system and rear view mirrors were added to the Acura TSX. A new color option was made available to the Acura TSX in 2008 as well.

 Acura brought a completely new Acura TSX to the market in 2009 however, with a larger Acura TSX. It featured an increased 3 inch width, a larger wheelbase, and a 2 inch growth to the length of the Acura TSX. Along with this however, the Acura TSX did see an increase to the weight of the car by 100-150 pounds. The 2009 model came with a huge variety of interior improvements including a leather seat upholstery option, climate control, a driver’s seat memory system, xenon headlights for the front, and a USB port interface for music options. iPod and music players saw this latest addition as a huge improvement as they could plug their music players into the Acura TSX for listening pleasure.

 In 2010, the Acura TSX came with an optional larger engine, and featured a 3.5L  280 V6 engine. 2011 brought slight enhancements to the Acura TSX with a improved grille and slots. An optional technology package was made available to buyers which included a premium speaker system, navigation with real-time traffic monitoring and other technological improvements for the driver.

 The 2012 model of the Acura TSX brought a Special Edition model to the market. The sportier model came with suede seats, red stitching, and improved lighting.

 Sales for the Acura TSX have remained steady for Acura with an average of 30-35,000 units sold per year and maintain their wholesale values through the years. The current MSRP for the 2012 Acura TSX is $31405 and previous years of the Acura TSX maintained the same MSRP prices for the unit. The Acura TSX competed against the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and other entry level luxury units throughout the years and has maintained a level of luxury that Acura has brought to the Acura TSX.

 The Acura TSX has seen vast improvements made to it since its introduction to the US market in 2004. With interior improvements, technological enhancements, and a redesigned form since 2009, the Acura TSX is a unit that competes head to head with many in its class and will continue to do so throughout the years for Acura and the Acura TSX. It will contiue to battle others in its field.