For those that were hoping to find that Mazda had completely redefined the RX8, they are going to be in for a rude awakening with the 2012 version of the RX8 that is being described as most professionals as not something that is spell binding, but it does have a few improvements of past years models. They are stating that the car is evolving to what people are hoping to one day have, but it is just not quite there just yet. The car was first hitting the market in 2003, and the person will find that since then there has been minor face lifts, but not a major overhaul, and the offering for 2012 is going to stick with this tradition. The car will see some use of the new technology that Mazda has been offering buyers, and this is something that most people are excited about. It will still have the rotary engine that people have come to know and love with the RX8, but they will add into direct fuel injection, which is something that is a bit different and should see the fuel mileage increase slightly, as well as the power of the car. The person will also find that they get an option of either an automatic or manual transmission to use, which is going to be something that many people are going to love to have in the car.

So what is it that people wished would have changed with the car? The main problem that people are noting is the fact that the rear doors are still such a pain to get in and out of. They will find that with many people in the car that they are going to find that it is still cramped, even though the car is deemed to be a four seater spots car that people will love driving. And people that do get behind the wheel find that the car shifts just right and that they can see some of the sport appeal that the car still has. However, they will find that it is still not competing with the other sports cars that are on the market and offer a better handling and shifting experience. Secondly, the car will require that most people run the premium fuel in order to make sure that it is running as it should be running.

There will be two models available for the person to purchase, the Touring and Grand Touring, both of which will have traction control and stability control systems in place to make the car handle even better. The Grand Touring model is the cream of the crop so to say for the RX8 and will be the one that you want if you want a car that has everything included with it. They will also find that there have been some minor tweaks to the inside of the car with the gages and so forth to make them more sportier looking and to also be something that is easier to read for the driver. Overall, the changes are not phenomenal, but enough of a change to see a difference from model year to year. The person will find that one thing that they will like about the 2012 RX8 is the price. The starting price for the car is set to be around $28,000 and go up to around $32,000.

Overall, the car is something that is still going to be great to look at with the sleek lines and have the appearance of performance that so many people are wanting to have. They will find that with the price that it is one of the more affordable cars that are on the market for people to purchase.

2012 Mazda RX-8 picture